Tracking Features ChartBusiness Insider Intelligence

US consumers say that UPS has the best package tracking features, topping rivals FedEx and USPS, according to Business Insider Intelligence’s 2018 Delivery Trust survey. When asked which service offers the best tracking features, 36% of respondents who had received a package from a delivery service in the last 12 months chose UPS, followed by FedEx at 28%, and USPS at just 6%. Of all the consumer-facing offerings delivery companies boast, the ability to track shipments in real time is one of the most important, meaning UPS has a key advantage over its rivals in the logistics space.

Here's why:

  • Delivery providers and e-commerce companies have a mutual interest in providing a good consumer experience. E-commerce companies build loyal customers by providing seamless commerce and fulfillment services. Delivery providers that aid in achieving that goal will find it easier to strike partnerships.
  • Consumers find tracking capabilities valuable. Nearly nine in 10 consumers said the ability to track shipments in real time is important to them, according to a Dropoff survey. That means package tracking has become a tool that delivery firms can leverage to entice both consumers and merchant partners.
  • Package tracking is one of the few opportunities a delivery service has to engage consumers. Consumers are often unaware of which delivery provider brings them their package, and, when they are aware, it is often because they are in the middle of a negative experience. Tracking features engage consumers from the beginning of their experience before any potential issues come up. That creates an opportunity to build a positive relationship from the beginning.

One of the more noticeable ways UPS differentiates its offerings from those of FedEx and USPS is by giving consumers access to tracking features on a number of different platforms and devices. Similar to FedEx, UPS offers tracking options via desktop, text messaging, email, and a mobile [...]