BI Intelligence has launched a new Fintech vertical. All-access subscriptions have automatically been upgraded to include new Fintech coverage, reports, charts, and updates. 

BI INTELLIGENCE ANNOUNCES FINTECH: Emerging technologies are revolutionizing finance. They're changing the ways wealth is managed, payments are transacted, and loans and insurance policies are originated.

Nearly $20 billion (£14 billion) was invested in fintech globally in 2015, according to KPMG. The UK and Europe are at the crux of fintech disruption, with venture investment pouring into an increasingly innovation-permissive regulatory environment. BI Intelligence has launched a new vertical dedicated to providing coverage of financial technology within Europe and across the globe. 

JH_PresBI IntelligenceTo introduce our new coverage, here is a short Q&A with Managing Analyst John Heggestuen.

BI Intelligence: Why launch the Fintech vertical? And why launch it now?

John Heggestuen: Fintech is hot. It's probably the most exciting area in tech right now because of how quickly it's moving and the size of the impact it's going to have. To give you an idea, global financial services executives said that on average, they were at risk of losing 23% of their business to fintech firms in the next five years, according to recent study from PwC. That's pretty disruptive.

We're excited to cover fintech, but it's also a natural extension of what we've already been doing with our Payments vertical for the last two years and what we do well as a service — explaining how digital technology is transforming industries and the resulting impact. It's a bit of a no-brainer. It's something our clients need to know about.

BII: Can you run us through what fintech is and what makes it different from previous technologies?

JH: Fintech stands for financial technology. It’s just a blanket term for technology that's disrupting the financial services industry.

The trend is similar to what we've seen in media, commerce, and other industries facing digital disruption: You have either an entire industry or part of an industry that is based on transferring information, and it [...]