• Amazon has introduced an entirely new device category with its recently released product called the Echo — a tubular speaker that acts as a hands-free voice-automated personal assistant for the home.
  • The Echo is deeply integrated with Amazon's loyalty program, Amazon Prime. The Echo retails for $99 to Prime members and $199 to non-Prime members, but purchasers must sign up to a wait-list, and sales are invite-only. For now, demand seems to be outstripping supply.
  • We tested the Echo's performance, looking at the quality of the hardware, the accuracy of the voice-command processing, and the associated app's features. We paid special attention to how well e-commerce has been integrated into the device. We found that the Echo performs well as a voice-activated music player and for very basic internet search queries, but it still has a long way to go before it can be effective for shopping or as a full-fledged digital assistant. It is also too dependent on the companion smartphone app for many functions. 
  • The Echo allows users to buy songs from Amazon Prime Music through voice command without switching to a smartphone or another device to complete the purchase. This feature points to a possible future for Echo as a full-fledged voice-powered shopping device. 
  • We think the Echo's full potential could be unlocked if Amazon improves e-commerce integration and opens the Echo to a wider variety of third-party apps. The Echo's voice-purchasing feature, which allows users to initiate Amazon purchases with simple voice commands, points to wider e-commerce tie-ins.


The Echo can best be thought of as a voice-automated personal assistant — think Apple's Siri or Google's Google Now — but in hands-free speaker form. Instead of holding the "Home" button to prompt the voice assistant to turn on, users say the device's name, "Alexa," followed by their request or query.

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The Echo retails for $99 to Amazon Prime Members and $199 to non-Prime Members. At this price, any non-Prime members interested in the Echo will have a strong incentive to buy Prime along with the speaker, so they can [...]