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Television is no longer the only game in town for distributing and watching video.

The Internet and the social web have provided content creators and advertisers with a cost-effective way to distribute video. For audiences, discovery is no longer about flipping through channels or a TV guide, it's about listening to friends' recommendations and glancing at social media feeds.

What is “social video?” For the purpose of this report, we’ll define it as video that is influenced — in any part of the pipeline, from production to distribution — by social media.

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Social media is having a profound effect on this content medium:
  • Shorter videos: Video length is shrinking, in part to accommodate the preferences of social media audiences who like to snack on video.
  • Mobile-social videos: The intersection of mobile devices and social media will likely be crucial to video's future. Videos are increasingly discovered and shared on mobile devices, but through social media channels. Video content that is well-suited to small screens and social contexts will do well.
  • Viral videos: Brands are keen to spur video virality. The push for “earned media” is driving this. For a brand, a video that goes “viral,” and earns millions of views on YouTube means that a brand has earned millions of impressions that it didn't have to pay for. Brands are experimenting with cracking the code to videos that will tap the right emotions and trigger mass sharing.

In this report, we will provide an overview of the general state of social video, and shine a spotlight on social video audiences and their demographics. Then we'll compare the major social video platforms.

Finally we'll look at social video marketing, and explore the ingredients of video virality.

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