• Marketers are aiming to enhance their engagement with mobile app users by employing deep links. Deep links —mobile links that direct users to a specific screen within an app — help marketers optimize their campaigns, increase conversions, improve user engagement, and build retention. 
  • There are three types of deep links in use today: basic deep links, deferred links, and contextual deep links. 
    • Basic deep links send users directly to specific content within an app instead of to a generic welcome screen, if they have the app installed on their mobile device.
    • Deferred deep links send users to a screen or location within an app after the users are directed to the app store to install the app and then launch the app for the first time. These links don't require that users have a corresponding app downloaded on their mobile device in order to be directed to a specific page within the app they intend to access. 
    • Contextual deep links not only pass deep link data to an app through the install so users can be correctly directed within an app, but also record information about users, including who they are, where they were referred from, who referred them, or which promotion code they want to apply to their order. 
  • Businesses can incorporate deep links into their mobile strategy in almost every mobile engagement channel, making them extremely versatile. This includes on their mobile web page, in SMS messages, emails, push notifications, and even within their apps through in-app messages. Each of these channels can be linked directly into applications.
  • Deep links provide app marketers and developers with a number of important advantages. They can help app marketers optimize their campaigns, increase conversions, improve engagement, and build retention. Qello, the world's largest concert-streaming service, used deep linking through a number of channels, including in Facebook posts, to help improve its onboarding process. And internet retailer Jack Threads ultimately saw a 21% increase in revenue per email for customers who had accessed a deep link and downloaded its app. 
  • Implementing deep linking into email campaigns can have a tangible effect on a company's bottom line. For example, for every one million emails sent without deep linking, a marketer may forfeit as much as $3,000 in additional revenue. 
  • There are a number of barriers that may prevent app publishers from incorporating [...]