• Delivery companies need to track consumer trust in their services because it can impact their ability to form partnerships with e-commerce companies. That's because these companies are increasingly offering similar services and struggling to find ways to differentiate. High consumer trust can make a logistics provider a more attractive option to potential e-commerce partners.
  • Business Insider Intelligence’s 2018 Delivery Trust Report uses survey data from over 900 US consumers to identify the most trusted delivery companies among FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL. Using this exclusive data, we evaluate which companies are the most trusted in the areas of package tracking, customer service offerings, and seamless delivery. We also evaluate which delivery startups pose the biggest threat to legacy firms. 
  • UPS came out on top for package tracking features — an important victory. Package tracking is one of the most important tools for boosting consumer engagement. It enables delivery providers to directly interact with consumers in order to build a positive relationship. Nearly 90% of US consumers said the ability to track shipments in real time is important to them, according to a Dropoff survey.
  • The delivery companies that consumers feel provide the highest-quality customer service are UPS and FedEx. Customer service interactions affect how shoppers view their overall experience with a retailer. Delivery companies that provide exceptional customer service can help retailers build strong brands and avoid losing [...]