Facebook's preferred marketing program has only existed for 18 months. In that time it has already grown to encompass over 260 of what Facebook refers to as Preferred Marketing Developers, or PMDs, in over 45 countries.

It might be described as the world's most important social media marketing collective and certification program rolled into one.

The main purpose of the program is to connect brands with developers who excel at social marketing (PMDs must be referred by Facebook employees or existing PMDs). Facebook grants certain privileges to PMDs, allowing them to collect analytics and serve ads into the social network with the latest and most advanced tools.

PMDs themselves develop some of the best social marketing technologies available: interfaces that allow brands to publish to thousands of individual Facebook pages at a click, or buzzword-monitoring filters that allow them to identify trending topics.

PMDs must understand the crucial positive feedback loop between paid, earned, and owned social media.

Among the PMDs there's an even more elite group known as Strategic Preferred Marketing Developers (SPMDs) of which there are only 14 in existence.

In this report, we'll speak to four SPMDs and reveal some of their strategies and insights into Facebook marketing.

The SPMD designation is only awarded to those marketing companies that are "best in class," and understand all the nuts and bolts and how they fit together. Many of the SPMDs also have a deep knowledge of other areas of digital marketing, and it's often this contextual knowledge that differentiates them from the rest of the pack.

We've distilled the SPMDs' insights and contributions into five principal themes.

  1. Multi-Touch Attribution.
  2. Pre-Testing Paid Media.
  3. Measuring Quality Of Engagement.
  4. Understanding Facebook Activity In Emerging Markets.
  5. Influencing Facebook Product Development.

We'll also touch on whether the PMD program has proven a reliable channel for successful business relationships.

Finally, we'll use the PMD program as a window into the present and future of strategic marketing on Facebook.

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Mapping PMDs

Facebook has divided SPMDs and PMDs into four distinct areas of expertise, so that brands and businesses can connect with those most in tune with their plans:

  • Pages: These [...]