The rollout of 5G, the development of increasingly powerful AI, and the release of more capable and versatile mobile devices are transforming the way that people communicate, travel, consume media, and more. And these digital forces are upending everyday business practices too. In fact, by 2024 we expect that 5G will support 1.5 billion phones worldwide, billions of hours of daily mobile video, and millions of autonomous cars and trucks. As these digital forces continue developing each day, it’s critical to understand how they’ll look in the coming years.

Telecommunications and technology are coming together and driving the transformation of the home and the workplace, and in this forecast book Business Insider Intelligence forecasts the most important driving these industries, looking specifically at developments in the home, mobile, the workplace, and the supporting infrastructure that enables these changes.

Note: To access the data from the forecasts, right-click on the charts in the slides and select 'Edit Data In Excel.'