TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS IS COMING TO BI INTELLIGENCE: You're getting much more! Tomorrow, you'll begin receiving content from our brand new Transportation & Logistics coverage area. We'll deliver in-depth research on the massive disruption coming to freight and B2B logistics, e-commerce fulfillment, fleet management, and auto manufacturing as a result of new technologies. It's one of the most exciting areas in tech today and it's going to have an impact on all of our coverage areas. All-access subscriptions will automatically be upgraded to include new Transportation & Logistics coverage, reports, charts, and updates. 

To introduce our new coverage, here is a short Q&A with Senior Research Analyst Jonathan Camhi.

BI Intelligence:  What is Transportation & Logistics?  

Jonathan Camhi: Transportation and Logistics is a new coverage area from BI Intelligence. It covers how digital is revolutionizing transportation and delivery. In our coverage, we are looking at how new and developing technologies and business models, including connected and autonomous cars, ride-hailing, on-demand delivery, drones, and AI, are changing freight and B2B logistics, e-commerce fulfillment, fleet management, and the auto manufacturing business. It’s something that we already touch on in our IoT coverage, but the space is moving so quickly that we felt it deserved more thorough coverage.

BII: Why launch the Transportation & Logistics coverage area? Why now? 

JC: These disruptive technologies and new business models will have massive ripple effects across many of the industries that we already cover. In retail, for example, free and fast shipping are the two most important features that drive US consumers to shop online more frequently. That, in turn, means suppliers in manufacturing, agriculture, and other industries are all under pressure to get their goods to market faster. And, of course, automotive and logistics companies that enable this faster and cheaper transportation stand to win more business and revenue. Being right on the cusp of this shift, this is the perfect time for us to launch this product.

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BII: How will this disruption impact businesses?

JC: As we’ve seen in other industries, there will be winners and losers. That will mean massive shifts in value and profits. In [...]