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Twitter recently announced #Fuel, its new team that aims to help brands become more efficient on its platform. This could attract more brands to Twitter and, in turn, boost revenue. BI Intelligence reached out to Stacy Minero, director of brand strategy at Twitter, who heads up #Fuel, to learn more about the team and its potential.

#Fuel is a new operation within Brand Strategy at Twitter that's focused on agility. It provides three service offerings: content strategy, campaign activation ideas, and video editing. Speed is the team’s modus operandi — in both its responses to creative briefs and project turnaround times — often turning assets “around in one day,” according to Minero. Its services span all of Twitter’s ad formats, from its many video units to emojis and auto-response campaigns. The team launched late in the spring but was only revealed to the public last week.

Moving quickly aligns with Twitter's mission to help users find out what's happening right now, whether they're interested in user-generated or professionally produced content. #Fuel’s purpose is to help brands move at the “speed of culture” as it unfolds on Twitter. On a practical level, this means optimizing brands' creative assets to the fast-moving Twitter feed. And since it’s a place for live conversations, Twitter gives any brand a chance to earn consumer attention: It’s “the one platform where you can outsmart vs. outspend the competition,” says Minero.

The team partners with all stakeholders of the creative process — from brand marketing to creative and media distribution — to ideate and execute on each client’s campaign. #Fuel’s goal is to complement, not compete, with the existing services that brands tap into. Minero estimates that the team has partnered with over one hundred creative and media agencies to co-create campaigns to date, whether it's a quick campaign execution or an extensive project that requires a longer runway for planning and production.

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