This note is a segment from Business Insider Intelligence's forthcoming 2018 Delivery Trust report. The full report uses consumer survey data from our proprietary panel to evaluate how offerings from the largest delivery companies in the US stack up on customer service, package tracking, package protection, and timeliness of delivery, as well as how at risk these providers are to new challengers entering the space. 

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UPS and FedEx are outpacing the competition when it comes to providing satisfying customer service — it's not even close. According to Business Insider Intelligence’s 2018 Delivery Trust survey, 24% of US respondents who had received a delivery in the last 12 months said UPS had the best customer service, followed closely by FedEx at 23%, before a big drop off for USPS at just 5%. The strength of a company's customer service (answering general questions, solving issues with deliveries etc.) is often a reflection of how well the overall business is being run. That said, while UPS and FedEx are essentially tied for first place, nearly half of respondents couldn't say which provider offered the best customer service at all. 

Customer service experiences impact the perception of both the delivery provider and the e-commerce company. That means that the quality of customer service will likely impact the delivery provider's relationships with its e-commerce partners. 

  • A majority of consumers who experience a positive customer service interaction will share their experience, strengthening that company's brand perception. Seventy-two percent of consumers will end up sharing their positive experience with at least six people, according to data from thinkJar CEO Esteban Kolsky cited by the Huffington Post. Meanwhile, 13% of consumers tell 15 or more people when they are unhappy with their experience. 
  • Delivery companies that provide good customer service can help their partners build strong brands and avoid losing customers. Typically, customers don't have a say in who delivers their package after making an online purchase. As such, the interactions a customer has with a delivery company are likely [...]