The old dream of the digital wallet is coming true — on mobile. Credit cards and cash are being disrupted by payments made directly from mobile phones. Although U.S. consumer adoption remains moderate, several players are positioning themselves to win big once mobile payments take off.  

We've built on our recent report on mobile payments to put together a succinct collection of slides. The slides include brand new charts and data points. Here's what we cover. 

  • How mobile payments work, and the main players in the ecosystem. 
  • The competition between the two main approaches to mobile payments: card reader-based apps, and Near-Field Communications (NFC). 
  • The main barriers to consumer adoption in the U.S. and Europe. 
  • What the rest of the world might learn from mobile payments adoption in South Korea and China.

We hope you enjoy the slide deck. BII members have exclusive access to the PDF and PowerPoint versions of this presentation. 

Click below to view the slideshow.