The Vulcan II can produce a home seamlessly onsite, without having to piece together individual units.

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New Story/BANDD Designs

The printer churns out layers of cement, which amass to form the walls of the home. Non-printed fixtures like doors and windows are installed later. 

The Vulcan II is capable of producing walls that are up to eight-and-a-half feet tall and up to 28 feet wide.

The printer is designed to be mobile and weighs about 3,800 pounds.

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New Story/BANDD Designs

The Vulcan II is operated by a tablet, which means only a few workers are required to produce a 3D home. 

It's also made to withstand rural weather conditions, meaning it could operate during a power shortage or without access to potable water.

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New Story/BANDD Designs

The home's cement mixture is also able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The New Story prototype features a living room, a single bedroom and bathroom, and a small office space.

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New Story/BANDD Designs

Families in El Salvador could move into the 350-square-foot homes this year, following seismic and safety tests.

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New Story/BAAND Designs

Icon and New Story plan to produce more than 100 homes in El Salvador, a country whose rough terrain and frequent floods have made housing construction difficult.

New Story is seeking $1 million to print the homes, CNN reported last year.

From there, they hope to provide safe homes to some of the 1.3 billion people around the world residing in slums.


Icon will begin shipping its upgraded printer in April.

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New Story/BANDD Designs

An Austin-based developer called Cielo Property Group is planning to use the printer to build affordable homes in the area. 

The next stop? It could be 3D-printing in space.

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New Story/BANDD Designs

Icon is researching how its printing technology might be used to build space habitats. As the company put it: "It sounds crazy, but it would be a lot crazier to fly sheet rock and 2x4's to Mars."