Abercrombie Employees Have To Spritz Clothes With Cologne Every Hour

A former manager at Abercrombie & Fitch has revealed the why the stench of cologne emanates from stores. 

"It's mandatory to 'spritz' 10 pumps of cologne several inches from the clothes every hour, in addition to the scent spraying machines that only some stores have," the woman revealed in a Reddit Ask Me Anything

[NOTE: While Reddit's Ask Me Anything's are verified by an independent moderator, Business Insider can't independently confirm the woman's identity.]

The cologne, Fierce, is sprayed so often that the woman said her nails were brittle and her eyes were red after a full day of working. 

The woman says she quit after growing tired of her shallow manager. 

Abercrombie has been in the hotseat since Business Insider connected CEO Michael Jeffries' comments about wanting beautiful people to shop there to the company's exclusion of clothing sizes for large women.

Jeffries has refused to apologize for his comments.