AirPods are everywhere these days.

You'll see people wearing them on the street, commuting with them on buses and trains, and using them to take calls in and outside their offices.

It's also become common to see people wearing AirPods at the gym.

But you really shouldn't wear AirPods while exercising. Here's why.

AirPods seem like ideal workout headphones — you often forget you're wearing them, and they fit snugly in most people's ears.


Apple's own ads have shown people running while wearing AirPods.


But you really shouldn't wear AirPods while exercising. They are not sweat- or water-resistant.

Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

As the AirPods don't have an official IP rating against water or dust, you should not expect them to survive prolonged contact with liquid, like sweat.

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Water damage is not covered by Apple's warranties, so expect to pay $70 to replace each broken AirPod.

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If the AirPods case happens to get damaged from your sweat, it costs $60 to replace, or $70 for the new wireless case that launched this year.

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

Not everyone sweats the same, so some people may not have any issues working out with AirPods. But just know that if you do work out with them, you don't have Apple's warranty as a safety net.

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

Aside from the possibility of water damage causing them to fail, Apple's AirPods just aren't great for noise isolation. This means you'll need to crank up your music to hear it over the sounds of treadmills, machines, and people — and that's not good for your ears.

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

Other active headphones and earbuds do a better job of creating a seal around your ear to limit background noise. I recommend Master & Dynamic's MW07 earbuds if you want wireless ones, since those are advertised as splash-resistant.

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If you prefer wireless over-ear headphones for working out, as I do, you'll love Urbanears' Hellas, which cost $60.


Apple's Beats group also just released the excellent PowerBeats Pro, which are designed to handle sweat and remain securely in place. They are definitely built for the gym.


Apple may release water-resistant AirPods down the line, but the first two generations are not safe from your sweat. Bringing them to the gym, while convenient, is rolling the dice.

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider