This Fake Meat Is So Good It Fooled Whole Foods Customers For 3 Days



Meat. For many of us, it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s been that way since the prehistoric age. And thanks to a growing middle class, worldwide demand for meat is exploding. By 2022, meat production in China and India is expected to grow by 80 percent.

But plenty of obstacles exist. Raising cattle is expensive and hard on the environment. And meat is high in fat and cholesterol.  

Game Changers all over the world are trying to come up with viable meat alternatives. In the Netherlands, scientists developed the world's first in-vitro hamburger.

And the Missouri-based company Beyond Meat thinks it has the solution to satisfy our cravings:  food that looks and tastes just like meat — but is made of plants.  It is such a good imitation, in fact, that Whole Foods customers couldn't tell the difference when a brief mix-up occurred last year.

Produced by Graham Flanagan. Edited by Sam Rega.