• Since its inception in 2010, illustrated cat character Pusheen has had Internet users all over the world completely smitten.
  • The character has spawned an entire franchise of books, films, and merchandise.
  • The character has grown so much in popularity that the world's first Pusheen café is set to open in Singapore in January 2019.

Since being created by American couple Claire Belton and Andrew Duff in 2010, Pusheen, the illustrated cat character, has taken the Internet by storm.

The character has spawned an entire franchise of books, films, and merchandise, including tie-ups with brands like H&M, Primark and ArtBox, which was also the site for other pop-up cafes, featuring characters like Cinnamoroll and My Little Pony.

Now, fans have something to be even more excited about — Singapore will soon be home to the world's first Pusheen café.

As well as pastel interiors patterned with the lovable cartoon kitty, the café has a completely Pusheen-themed menu that looks as good as it tastes. Here's a first glimpse at what the incredibly Instagrammable location will have to offer when it opens this month.

The Pusheen café will be in Jalan Klapa café Kumoya

Jalan Klapa café Kumoya was the site for other pop-up cafés, featuring characters like Cinnamoroll and My Little Pony.

According to Kumoya, the cafe will open from Jan 6 until some point in March

An imagination of how the café will look.

The interior will be designed by Belton herself.

There are three themed mains on the menu

Pusheen truffle "aglio olio".

Most of the main dishes are around $15 and $17.

One of the main dishes features a charcoal rice Pusheen

This dish is one of the three main dishes available on the café's menu.

The carby cat is snuggled in a bed with beetroot cream sauce and fried chicken.

The dishes were designed by food artist and Instagram star @littlemissbento

@littlemissbento, whose real name is Shirley Wong, was responsible for designing the dishes.

This is the shrimp burger in a charcoal bun, served with sesame mayonnaise.

Wong has also designed dishes for other character cafés

These steamed green tea buns come with a limited edition Pusheen card.

As well as the new Pusheeen café, Wong has worked for the Gudetama café in Suntec city too.

The desserts are arguably the most stunning part of the menu

The fries are made from biscuits.

This dessert dish looks like a main, but includes a fruit cake made to look like a burger and fries made out of biscuits.

This is the 'Cat on a Cloud Floating Joy Parfait'

Wong worked with the Kumoya kitchen team to design the dishes, including this Kumoya-style parfait.

This is the restaurant's signature dessert and it features a lychee soft serve, a Pusheen cookie, and a Pusheen macaron.

Other desserts include a chocolate ball that melts when hot milk is poured over it

It's almost too cute to eat.

Inside are marshmallows, candies, a mini Swiss roll, fruits, and ice cream.

The café is also offering themed drinks

According to the café, there will be three themed drinks available on the menu.

One of the themed drinks is a peach soda with lychee jelly strips, topped with a cotton candy cloud.

Some of the drinks available at the café include frappés

The frappés both come in pink and green pastels, tying in with the Pusheen theme.

As well as a strawberry cheesecake frappé, there will also be a chocolate mint frappé available on the menu.

There is also a warming hot chocolate drink on the menu

The drink is made from Belgian chocolate.

In addition to all these tasty treats, the Pusheen pop-up café will also sell exclusive merchandise for fans of the cute cat.