Larry Page Hitches A Ride On One Of The World's Fastest Sailboats

hydroptereGoogle cofounder Larry Page recently took a ride on one of the world's fastest sailboats in the San Francisco Bay, Paul Liberatore reports in the Marin Independent Journal.

The boat's skipper and designer, Alain Thebault, is looking for sponsors from Silicon Valley to fund his attempt to break the trans-Pacific speed record next year. 

The Hydroptere—part boat, part plane—made sailing history in 2009 when it broke the world speed record for 500 meters, driving over the water at nearly 61 miles an hour. 

Now, Thebault and his four-person crew are determined to ride across the Pacific from Los Angeles to Honolulu faster than anyone ever has before. But he needs to raise somewhere between $3 million and $3.6 million in order to make that a reality.

Page expressed interest in high-speed sailing earlier this month on his Google+ page, so it's no wonder why Thebault took him out for a ride.  

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