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A photo posted by Eduardo Federico Vargas (@baluvargas) on Mar 31, 2016 at 7:32pm PDT

Some internet companies have fancy cafeterias and foosball tables. Some have slides, video game arcades, and ice cream parlors.

At LinkedIn's new San Francisco office tower, one of the trademark perks is of a decidedly more physical nature. 

The company's in-house gym at 222 Second Street in the city's Soma neighborhood comes outfitted with blue company-themed mats on the floor. And as the Instagram photo above shows, those mats provide a much-needed cushion for LinkedIn employees to blow off some steam.

The company's SF office offers classes in Thai Boxing twice a week, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu once a week. (In case you're wondering, Brazilian jiu-jitsu apparently removes all the striking elements of traditional jiu-jitsu and focuses on throwing and grappling, according to the Livestrong site). 

With workmates like these, the term "bad day at the office" could take on a whole new meaning. But for those looking for a less aggressive workout, the LinkedIn gym also offers classes such in yoga and meditation.