They've produced 4.2 billion game pieces since 2003 -- that's enough for over 60% of the world's population to have a piece

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Source: McDonald's

What do most people win? Food and drinks (which get you right back into the store) have just 4.33 to 1 odds

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Source: McDonald's Monopoly Official Rules

The rarest instant win this year is the $10,000 prize at 206 million to 1. For some reason, it's actually rarer than the $25,000 prize at 124 million to 1

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Source: McDonald's Monopoly Official Rules

Each group of pieces has one that's much more rare than the others (always the last alphabetically, except for Boardwalk)

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Mediterranean Ave.

Vermont Ave.

Virginia Ave.

Tennessee Ave.

Kentucky Ave.

Ventnor Ave.

Pennsylvania Ave.


Short Line

Source: McDonald's

The easiest group to collect is Mediterranean Ave. and Baltic Ave. at 314,154 to 1 odds. But you're much more likely to go to the hospital from a leaf blower accident (1 in 171,100) than win the $50

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Source: McDonald's Monopoly Official Rules,

The odds of getting a Boardwalk are a staggering 1 in 618 million, while Park Place is 1 in 11. Odds of getting both? 1 in 3,141,832,163

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Source: McDonald's Monopoly Official Rules

But there's always hope -- 2010 million-dollar winner and former construction worker Jonathan Kehoe was unemployed for 18 months before hitting the jackpot

Unemployed Scientist
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This year there were 560 million pieces available for distribution in the US and 58 million in Canada

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Source: McDonald's Monopoly Official Rules

There have been 724 million prizes given out since 2003

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Source: McDonald's

It has gotten so big and lucrative that Internet scammers are all over, trying to get you to fork over the valuable game pieces

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McDonald's couldn't even stay clean internally -- in 2001, the FBI charged McDonald's with fraud over the Monopoly promotion, and arrested 8 people

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McDonald's was a target of a multistate crime ring that siphoned off more than $13 million in winnings from its promo contests, including Monopoly.

Here's an explanation from the Chicago Tribune:

An employee of the marketing company that ran the games for the Oak Brook-based fast-food giant masterminded the scheme, prosecutors said. The employee, Jerome Jacobson, is accused of distributing winning game pieces to a network of accomplices, who then claimed prizes from $100,000 to $1 million and gave Jacobson a cut. McDonald's responded to the arrest of eight alleged members of the ring by promising to give away $10 million or more to customers.

Eventually, they decided that McDonald's wasn't directly culpable, but there was fraud involved in the game from 1996-2001.

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