We tried Pizza Hut's hot dog stuffed crust pizza — here's what we thought

Pizza Hut is releasing a bizarre hot dog stuffed crust pizza in the US. 

Starting June 18, Pizza Hut will start serving the concoction in restaurants. It's previously been available in the UK, Canada, and South Korea. 

The pepperoni pizza is surrounded by hot dog bites and served with French's mustard. It comes in traditional and pretzel crust varieties. 

slice of hot dog pizza 2
One slice has 460 calories.
Mallory Schlossberg/Business Insider

We tried both versions in a recent taste test. 

The verdict?

"It was less weird than I thought it would be," one tester told us. 

The actual pizza tastes identical to a normal pepperoni pie. 

But many complained the pretzel crust version was overwhelmingly salty. 

pretzel hot dog pizza crust pizza hut
The pretzel crust is extra salty. Steer clear of it.
Mallory Schlossberg/Business Insider

"The pizza portion itself was fairly standard Pizza Hut pizza with a soggy crust," a tester said."The hot dog was salty, the pretzel surrounding it was salty — there's just no way I could eat more than a slice of this."

Many testers liked the original crust hot dog pizza better, although they commented on the greasiness. 

hot dog pizza pizza huthot dog pizza pizza hut
More people like the original crust.
Mallory Schlossberg/Business Insider

"It's not as salty as the other one, and it's easier to stomach," a tester said. "I might actually eat this after a few drinks." 

Many people suggested that Pizza Hut should have used hot dogs as a pizza topping instead of incorporating them in the crust. 

"I missed the crust component of the pizza, and felt that the hot dog portion was disjointed," a tester said. "This would have been better with the hot dogs on top of the pizza."

The original crust pizza is pretty good — especially if you're looking for something greasy after a night out.

But stay away from the salty pretzel version.