1. Boeing 777: The Boeing 777-200's debut in 1995 marked the beginning of the end of the jumbo jet.

Boeing 777

However, it was the arrival of 777-300ER in 2002 that really sealed the deal. The 300ER can hold as many as 550 passengers with a range of up to 8,500 miles.

Boeing 777 300ER


United Airlines Boeing 777 300ER
United Airlines

... Air New Zealand,...

Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER
Air New Zealand

...Cathay Pacific,...

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 300ER

... Japan Airlines,...

Japan Airlines Boeing 777 300ER
Flickr/Masakatsu Ukon

...Air France, and...

Air France Boeing 777-300ER RTXDVDF
REUTERS/Marcus Donner

...KLM have all selected the 777-300ER to take over the 747's former routes.

KLM Boeing 777 300ER

2. Boeing 787 Dreamliner: The Dreamliner represents a new generation of carbon composite airliners. With room for as many as 330 passengers, the Dreamliner is much smaller than the 747. However, its superior fuel economy allows airlines to offer greater flight frequencies.

Boeing 787 9 Dreamliner

Airlines that have used the Deamliner in place of the 747 include Qantas and...

Boeing 787 Qantas


KLM Boeing 787 Dreamliner

3. Airbus A350XWB: Like the Boeing Dreamliner, the A350 is also among the new generation of fuel-efficient composite airliners. Unlike the 787, the A350 is similar in size to the larger Boeing 777.

Airbus A350 1000 Farnborough

Delta chose to replace many of its 747 routes with a fleet of new A350-900 airliners while...

Delta Airbus A350 900

... Virgin Atlantic is expected to replace its 747s with the A350-1000.

Airbus A350 1000 VIRGIN ATLANTIC `

4. Airbus A380: The Airbus A380 is, itself, in peril of being replaced. The Superjumbo has struggled to find new buyers in recent years. However, during its early days, the A380 served as a modern replacement for aging 747-400.

Airbus A380
REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol

Both Air France and...

Air France Airbus A380

....Singapore Airlines used the A380 to take over routes once operated by the Boeing 747-400.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380
Singapore Airlines

5. Boeing 777X: The 777X is Boeing's next-generation flagship jet. It is, in fact, designed to be the 747's direct successor atop the company's product lineup.

Boeing 777X

"The big airplane of the future for the aviation industry is going to be the Boeing 777-9X," said Boeing's Tinseth. "It carries 400 passengers. It flies further than the 747 and the A380 does today."

Boeing 777X ground

The Boeing 777X is expected to enter service in 2020.

Boeing 777X