In 2018, Tesla started selling $65 wireless smartphone chargers, which quickly sold out.

tesla wireless charger

Tesla sells other phone chargers as well. The Powerbank is a portable charger, and the Desktop Supercharger is modeled after a Tesla car charger.

tesla chargers

Your kids can have a Tesla of their own, before they're old enough to drive, thanks to this $600 Model S replica for kids.

tesla kids car

The Model S for Kids is made for Tesla by Radio Flyer.

The pint-sized Tesla Model S is battery-powered, fully customizable and comes standard with cool features like a built-in MP3 player.

Tesla kids car

In 2018, Tesla also notably put surfboards up for sale — just 200 of them, priced at $1,500 apiece — and they sold out in less than a day. Some were posted on eBay, going for more than twice the price.

tesla surfboard
Tesla's surfboard

Tesla also sells tiny diecast 1:18 scale models of the Model S, which go for $250 each.

tesla model cars

Tesla offers some custom mugs and thermoses, including a $35 mug showing the "Starman," which was the mannequin that Tesla dressed in a space suit that shot into space riding an actual 2008-model Tesla Roadster.

tesla drinkware

And of course, there's plenty of branded clothing, like shirts and hoodies.

Tesla Jackets

Tesla sells various styles of baseball-style caps ...

tesla logo hat

... as well as beanies.

tesla beanies

To see a list of all of Tesla's clothing products, click here

Tesla continues putting interesting products in its stores from time to time — but there's still no Tesla-branded flamethrower. That was a Boring Company product, merchandise for another one of Musk's companies.

Justine Ezarik uses a Boring Company "Not-a-Flamethrower"
Justine Ezarik

(The Boring Company makes hats, too.)

Sean Wolfe contributed to an earlier version of this story.