4. Le Boreal

Le Boreal cruise ship
Compagnie Du Ponant's Le Boreal.
Arterra/UIG via Getty Images

Cruise line: Compagnie Du Ponant

Date of most recent inspection: October 6, 2017

Inspection score: 84

Violations: Food stored at excessive temperatures and in a dirty shopping cart; dirty and broken dishwashers; a dirty coffee machine; a dirty ice machine; flies found in food-and-beverage areas.

Compagnie Du Ponant did not respond to a request for comment.


T3. Safari Endeavour

Un-Cruise Adventures Safari Endeavour
Un-Cruise Adventures' Safari Endeavour.
Un-Cruise Adventures

Cruise line: Un-Cruise Adventures

Date of most recent inspection: September 9, 2018

Inspection score: 79

Violations: An absence of backflow-prevention devices for a coffee machine and a glass-washing machine; milk and half-and-half stored at excessive temperatures; failure to discard expired sour cream and salsa; storing eggs and other food items in dirty containers; dirty cups, bowls, and cutting boards; storing dishes, pots, and utensils in dirty ovens.

"We immediately took corrective action when the Safari Endeavour received a poor inspection report from the CDC last year," an Un-Cruise Adventures representative said. "These steps included senior management on site to retrain ship staff, accelerated check-ins and monitoring of procedures on board, and flying two executive chefs to the Vessel Sanitation Program headquarters in Miami for further training."


T3. Silver Wind

SIlverSea Cruises Silver Wind
Silversea Cruises' Silver Wind.
SilverSea Cruises

Cruise line: Silversea Cruises

Date of most recent inspection: March 18, 2018

Inspection score: 79

Violations: Flies in food-and-beverage areas; a broken soap dispenser near the pot-washing area; dirty equipment in washing and food areas; storing clean cups and pots near dirty ones; food stored at improper temperatures.

A Silversea representative said in May that the Silver Wind has since been re-inspected and received a passing score. A CDC representative said in October that the Silver Wind has not been re-inspected.


1. Regal Princess

Princess Cruises Regal Princess
Princess Cruises' Regal Princess ship.
Princess Cruises

Cruise line: Princess Cruises

Date of most recent inspection: February 5, 2020

Inspection score: 77

Violations: A leaky espresso machine, low chlorine levels in a pool, a child with a diaper in a pool, improper food storage, a dirty cutting board, broken dishwashing machines, flies present in food-storage and service areas.

"This score does not reflect our company's robust standards and dedication to our guests' health and safety," a Princess Cruises representative said. "We take these results very seriously, and we've already taken corrective action to address the issues identified and ensure our high standards are upheld to prevent unsatisfactory results in the future."