The Moment When Warren Buffett Realized Getting Rich Would Be Easy

flamingo casino
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A few weeks ago Warren Buffett shared some advice with MBA students at the Richard Ivey School of Business. We looked over a copy of the meeting notes from Market Folly.

Here's the moment when Buffett realized he could get rich:

  • On my honeymoon I traveled out west. When I visited the casino and saw all these smart well-dressed people participating in a game with the odds against them, it was then that I realized I won’t have a problem getting rich!

He said there are plenty of opportunities today:

  • Nowadays there are even more opportunities, we are living in a wealthier society, just think of the great development we had the last couple of decades.
  • The luckiest person in the world is the baby born in US today, than any other time.
  • The internet is a magnificent resource and it’s free. I love my personal jet, but I would give it up first before I gave away access to internet.
  • Think and measure your life versus the life your parents had. The world is no way a zero-sum game.
  • There is a lot more opportunities today than it was many years ago, and young people today will have a lot more opportunities than young people yesterday.

Buffett also told the students why he would never live in New York City.

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